Step 25: Starting Your Own Business

Step 25: Business

As a trained professional doula, you have the opportunity to start an independent business as a solo doula, partnership or agency, or you can seek work through established agencies. There are pros and cons to each situation. What you decide will be a personal choice. Much of doula work, whether working independently or seeking work through an agency, begins with networking and becoming familiar with your local birth community. This step will help start you on your way to running a successful business as a BirthWorks postpartum doula.

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Application and Understanding

  1.  Using the information from this training program, create a reply to a client inquiry asking what a postpartum doula is. Keep the answer under 250 words.
  2. Aside from describing your fees, hours, and type of care you will provide, what is the value of a signed contract with your clients?
  3. What do you believe is the most important thing to do to run your business?

(500 words for all three questions)

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