Step 24: Available Infant Products and Resources

Step 24: Available Infant Products and Resources

Infant Products: It is not uncommon for families to seek advice when registering, going through gifts, or setting up their nursery. The baby market is a booming business and there are new products every day. This section will give you just an overview of some available products but it is a good idea to try and stay up-to-date on available products.

Resources: It is important that we are able to provide our clients with evidenced-based resources, inform them of possible options, and support them in a non-judgmental manner. We live in the information age where thousands of resources can be accessed in a matter of seconds by typing a few words into our phones. You might think that because of this, parents may have fewer questions, but often the opposite is true. As professionals we can help parents navigate the many resources, share reputable ones, and use active listening as they process their options.

The Application & Understanding questions are listed here for both infant products and resources for your convenience.

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Available Products

Infant Resources

Application & Understanding

  1. Name two types of baby carriers available for baby-wearing.
  2. There are many ways that new moms can choose to carry their infants. In this day and age many women keep their sleeping babies in car seats that they move from the car to carrying them in their hands rather than moving them into a baby carrier such as a woven sling.  Describe three advantages and three disadvantages of sling wraps vs car seats.
  3. Describe the Ferber Method and be sure to include an understanding of when it is not advised.
  4. Compare principles of the Ferber Method with that of Attachment Parenting.
  5. Do you believe there are any risks with infant co-sleeping? If so, describe. Also address the benefits.
  6. A new mother with a two month old baby is anxious to know when she can begin feeding her son cereal. What would you advise?
  7. A new mom has read a number of books on vaccines and asks for your opinion. What would you say?

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