Step 2: Program Instructions and Forms

Step 2: Program Instructions and Forms

In this step you will find complete program instructions as well as all the forms you will need to complete your BirthWorks Postpartum Doula Certification and the required reading list of books.  Please note that these readings are required for certification, and reports on these readings are listed as topics below. 

We have also included a Certification Checklist for your convenience. This checklist gives you an overview of the entire BirthWorks Postpartum Doula Certification Requirements and can help you organize and track what has been completed and what has yet to be completed.  Read them carefully and if you have any questions contact your assigned mentor.

If you need further assistance, call the BirthWorks office at 1-609-953-9380 or write to  The last two forms are for cross-certification and recertification which have been included for your information.

There are no Application & Understanding questions in this step.

Certain later steps will require you to submit specific forms by scanning and uploading them. You may also simply use them as guides.

Click on the links below to access these files.

Program Instructions

Certification Checklist

Required Reading Books v.2 July 2019

Practice Interview Form

Lactation Education Form

Postpartum doula evaluation Form

Prenatal Visit Form

Cross Certification Program Checklist

ReCertification Checklist

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