Step 16: Caring for Multiples and Special Needs Babies

Step 16: Caring for Multiples and Special Needs Babies

As a postpartum doula, it is important to understand how to assist families with multiple babies. Parents with multiples often need extra assistance. In addition to providing an extra hand, it is important that we teach families how to care for their babies in our absence. Each baby in a multiple birth is unique with his/her own personality.  In addition, a baby may be born with a neurological deficit.  This step helps you to have a greater understanding of both multiple births and special needs babies so you can provide optimal postpartum doula care.

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Application and Understanding

  1.  When is a baby considered to be premature?
  2. List five main concerns a new mother with multiples might have in the first few months at home and how you would address them.
  3. Where is the safest place for a multiple and/or special needs baby?
  4. Name three things you can do to support a family with multiples.
  5. How would you respond to the following scenario?   Mary has given birth to twins four weeks ago. Her twins were in the NICU for four weeks and have just come home.  She has hired you as her postpartum doula to help. She confides to you, “I am so tired and overwhelmed by it all and don’t think I can handle the babies plus their older brother who is three years old.  I feel like crying all the time and am scared that I’m “losing it.”

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