Step 15: Infant Crying and Soothing

Step 15: Infant Crying and Soothing

The persistent crying of a newborn baby can make a new mother and father feel very anxious and helpless. If the mother is breastfeeding, this anxiety can affect her milk supply thus increasing the worry and frustration.  The mother may also be experiencing symptoms related to her birth whether cesarean or vaginal. As a postpartum doula, you can help calm the mother and baby or if necessary call in a lactation consultant.  This step provides ideas of what you can do to decrease overall anxiety and worry.

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Infant Crying and Soothing

Application & Understanding

  1. A new mother at three days after birth is still experiencing cramping that feels uncomfortable and asks you what is wrong. What would you say?
  2. In the early days at home, a new mother is afraid to pass urine because of the burning sensation she feels. What could you advise?
  3. A new mother has a five week old baby who suddenly wants to nurse more and longer. Her nipples are getting sore.  How would you explain what could be happening and what advice you would give her?
  4. According to the EPDS scale, describe symptoms of a new mother who may be experiencing more severe PPD. What would you do?

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Infant crying and soothing

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