Step 13: General Infant Care

Step 13: General Infant Care

As postpartum doulas, our primary focus is mother care but many parents expect you to be an authority on infant care.  It is important for you to have basic knowledge to be able to answer their questions, or direct them to resources.  Remember that families will make different choices about parenting.  It is your responsibility as their postpartum doula to support them and help in any way you can to make the transition from birth to parenting a joyful one.

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General Infant Care

Application and Understanding

  1. What are five of the many typical characteristics of newborn appearance that a new mother might see in her baby?
  2. How would you advise a new mother regarding care of her baby’s umbilical cord?
  3. What is the most important way a mother can help prevent SIDS for her baby? What is the recommended position for a baby to reduce SIDS?
  4. You are working with a mother in the fourth week after birth and she says she is worried about the acne that has broken out all over her baby’s face. She asks you what cream she should get for it. How would you respond?
  5. What are two ways to minimize spitting up in a newborn baby?
  6. Describe the importance of sensory integration in a newborn baby.
  7. What is the reason that a newborn baby responds best to demand feeding?
  8. In what stage of sleep would a baby be most accepting of massage?

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