Step 12a: Mother-Baby Bonding

Step 12a: Mother/Baby Bonding

Some women believe they are supposed to bond immediately with their baby at the moment of birth.  This is not always the case.  Bonding can take time even into the early weeks of parenting.  It may take even more time for a mother to bond with her premie who has come home from a longer stay in the NICU.  She may see her baby as fragile and be afraid to interact with him/her.  In the step the issues surrounding mother/baby bonding are discussed.

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Application and Understanding (Bonding)

  1.  Name five ways you can help a new mother bond with her baby.
  2. Name five obstacles that may interfere with bonding of a mother and her baby.
  3. How can you help a mother pump milk in the event her premie is in the NICU?
  4. What concerns might a new mother have whose baby is just coming home from the NICU?
Mother holding newborn baby girl, Smiling African mother holding her 11 days old newborn baby

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