Step 12: Physical and Emotional Postpartum Recovery

Step 12: Physical and Emotional Postpartum Recovery

As a new mother’s body returns slowly to the non-pregnant state, she will experience many symptoms. It is important for you as her Postpartum Doula to recognize any that may be of concern and refer to her doctor for help.  It is essential that you recognize changes in vaginal discharge, postpartum emotions, vaginal and cesarean birth recovery, and breast engorgement to name a few.

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Postpartum Physical and Emotional Recovery

Application & Understanding (postpartum care)

  1. How would you support, educate and help Sara and John in the text scenario?
  2. Name three things you can do to help facilitate rest for a mother healing from a cesarean.  Include ways in which you can help make breastfeeding more comfortable for her considering she has had major abdominal surgery.
  3. What is involution?
  4. What is the term for postpartum bleeding and discharge? Describe what it is, how long may it last and how it changes?
  5. Your five days postpartum client says she is not really sad but seems to keep crying over silly things. How would you address her concerns? What is a physiologic reason that might be a reason for her feeling this way?
  6. The new mom says her partner wants to have sex but she doesn’t know if it is safe as she is only three weeks postpartum.  What advice might you give her?
  7. What is a babymoon and its importance to birthing parents?
  8. How would you advise a new mother who is having difficulty making bowel movements in the early weeks after birth?

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