Step 10: Immediate Postpartum

Step 10: Immediate Postpartum

You may decide to visit your client just after she has given birth in the hospital. She may already have a birth doula with her, but your smile and positive words are sure to bring her joy, especially since you will be providing postpartum doula services for her at home. This step provides considerations for the type of caregiver she may choose that resonates with her philosophy on parenting, the value of attachment parenting, and other decisions she may need to make.

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Immediate Postpartum

Application & Understanding

  1.  The hour immediately after birth is often called “The Golden Hour.” Describe five or more reasons that explain the importance of this period of time for the mother, baby, and partner.  Please research and include the concept of sensory integration of mother and baby.
  2. You are visiting your client in the hospital just after she has had her baby. The mother had a  long and difficult labor and is exhausted.  She wants to stay with her baby but desperately      needs sleep.  Both sets of grandparents are present and she feels overwhelmed.  What could  you do or say?  Use the practice of SUPPORT in your answer.

(250 – 350 words)

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