Become a Kangaroula (Advanced Doula)

       Offered virtually every February & September!

Become a Kangaroula

Dive deeper into the Art of Nurturescience! BirthWorks is honored to bring internationally-known Dr. Nils Bergman and Jill Bergman to the US to teach this advanced training in nurturescience.

Nurturescience is the new neuroscience!

Learn how to do what you already do, better!

This is an incredible opportunity to take your existing skills to a deeper level with research-based and impactful tools and information.


This is a training for any certified health professional including birth and postpartum doulas, nurses, midwives and childbirth educators from any organization.

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In Kangaroula workshops, learn the key role you can play to determine whether a baby experiences "nurture" or "protest and despair" at birth. Learn about:

  • the powerful connection of mother and baby — the two truths — Zero-Separation of mother-baby is our biology and mother should never be left alone
  • the Innate Fetal Agenda - The mother precisely controls every element of her infant’s physiology, from its heart rate to it release of hormones, appetite, temperature, and the intensity of activity. “This creates an invisible hot house in which the infants’ development can unfold.” (Hofer)
  • how brain wiring is place dependent - the critical moment of birth is when cells that are wired are fired - There are more synapses in the brain of a newborn baby then stars in the universe. So every baby is born with the full potential of the universe.
  • ways to help avoid Infant Brain Dysregulation and enhance social connection through life (to avoid the tendency for later social withdrawal)

What is a Kangaroula?

As well as supporting the mother’s needs, a Kangaroula understand the advocates primarily for the baby during labor, birth and the first 1000 minutes of life. All the changes the baby experiences are being wired into their brain.


A newborn baby is not helpless! They are a wide awake human being with a brain adapting to life in the outside world. From their view, everything just changed:

  • From dark to light
  • From peaceful to noisy
  • From held tightly to the un-contained wide world
  • Breathing for himself
  • Learning how to suckle and feed himself.

A Kangaroula speaks for the baby’s needs, minimizes stress for a more peaceful transition, and empowers a mother to read the baby’s signals. How the brain is wired matters for coping, which is especially important for small or preterm babies.


Conversely, a very stressful birth can mean a baby is epigenetically wired in a way that can lead to negative effects in adulthood. This can be minimized by zero-separation of mother and baby as the familiar SAFE PLACE and caring for for them as ONE.

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Be inspired to do a Kangaroula™ course!


Be empowered to help during this crucial time when skin-to-skin contact can help baby stabilize and breathe well. Know how to:

  • read the sensory environment
  • empower parents to read their baby’s signals and practical things to do
  • help babies calm down and protect their baby’s brain development

Nurture Science is new Neuroscience. Come and find out!

This workshop can qualify for CEUs for professional education.

Kangaroula Workshop Fee: $455 or $395 early discount

BirthWorks offers two levels of Kangaroula (advanced doula) training:
1. Registered Kangaroula
  • 4-day virtual workshop (4 hours/day) OR 2-days live (on hold due to pandemic)
  • earn a Certificate of Attendance (no further work required)
  • focus is mostly on term infants, including the signifance of the time after birth and key issues surrounding skin-to-skin, breastfeeding, baby health and brain development - primal health, nurture science and neuroscience
  • Trainers: 80% taught by Jill Bergman / 20% by Dr. Nils Bergman

2. Certified Kangaroula

  • 4-day virtual workshop (4 hours/day) OR 2-day live (on hold due to pandemic) - timing may be less if prior mentoring online happens after you attend the Registered Kangaroula workshop, this will depend on each group
  • official Kangaroula Certification earned, after follow up work including: client experiences/experience summaries, 5 case reports, review of journal articles and exam
  • focus builds on Registered Kangaroula content, and goes into much more depth on premie babies, in materials (included in price) is the informative book: Hold Your Prem
  • Trainers: 80% taught by Jill Bergman / 20% by Dr. Nils Bergman

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