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Free “Better Birth 360 World Summit”!

Subject:  Please Come Join Us for the Free Better Birth 360 World Summit!

Dear Members and Friends of BirthWorks,

Here is what’s happening!

Nicholas Olow, a board certified and licensed Acupuncturist, with over 11 years’ experience specializing in Pregnancy Care, Labor Support, Postpartum Care, and Pain Management, has interviewed birth professional experts all over the world and is sharing these exclusive interviews online at no cost to you.

Current line up of expert speakers:

  1. Penny Simkin – Author, Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Birth Counselor
  2. April Bolding – Women’s Health Physical Therapist, Author, Doula
  3. Marie Mongan – Director of the Hypnobirthing Institute
  4. Debra Pascali Bonaro – Creator of Pain to Power Online Childbirth Classes and  “Orgasmic Birth” documentary
  5. Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova– Founder of Birth Into Being and Creator of “Birth As We Know It” documentary
  6. Gena Kirby – All things Rebozo
  7. Gail Tully – Founder of Spinning Babies
  8. Jen Kamel – Founder of VBAC Facts
  9. LaQuitha Glass – ICAN President
  10. Robin Elise Weiss – President of Lamaze International
  11. Laura Uplinger – Educator for Conscious Conception and Birthing
  12. Lorne R. Campbell – Public Speaker and Hypnobirthing Advocate
  13. Nekole Malia Shapiro – Sex and Birth Educator
  14. Ana Paula Markel – Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula Trainer
  15. Sarah Buckley – Medical Doctor, Physician, Author of Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering
  16. Patrick Houser – Fathers, New Family Author, Educator, Speaker, and Coach
  17. Ginger Breedlove – President of American College of Nurse Midwives
  18. Elliot Berlin – Prenatal chiropractor, Childbirth Educator, Labor Doula, and Filmmaker
  19. Robbie Davis-Floyd – Cultural Anthropologist
  20. Hermine Hayes-Klein – Lawyer and Founder of Human Rights in Childbirth
  21. Brigid Maher – Creator of the Movie “The Mama Sherpas”
  22. Laura Jiménez – Director California Latinas for Reproductive Justice
  23. Courtney Jarecki – Author, Educator, Homebirth Cesarean
  24. Stuart Fischbein – OBGYN specializing in VBAC, Breech and Twin Vaginal Births
  25. Sherri Holley – Homebirth Midwife specializing in VBAC and Breech
  26. Nancy Wainer – Homebirth Midwife and Author of Silent Knife: Cesarean Prevention and Vaginal Birth after Cesarean
  27. Connie Livingston – President of International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA)
  28. Julie Bonapace – Author of the Bonapace Method
  29. Marice Bittan – Medical Doctor specializing in Women’s Healthcare
  30. Cristen Pascucci – Vice President of and co-founder of a U.S. legal advocacy network related to childbirth
  31. Sandra Bardsley – President of Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH)
  32. Myrna Martin – Registered Clinical Counselor, Pre and Perinatal Therapist, and Masters in Nursing.
  33. Cathy Daub – President and Founder of BirthWorks International.

Here is the list of topics that have been addressed at the Summit:

 When survivors give birth

  • How to help your client’s find comfort and pleasure in childbirth
  • How to prevent and help your client’s overcome traumatic births
  • How to achieve a natural, calm, comfortable, and intuitive birthing experience
  • How to break the fear-tension-pain cycle in order to prevent long and uncomfortable births
  • Birth rituals in hospitals – How to change the paradigm model to promote a natural and normal physiologic childbirth
  • Understanding the intersection of sex and birth and how the hormone oxytocin plays a vital role from conception to postpartum
  • How to tap into your intuition in order to promote a mindful and positive birth experience.
  • How to promote an easier and more comfortable birth with fetal positioning
  • Comfort measures for childbirth
  • Human rights in childbirth
  • Human values in birth
  • Informed consent for VBACs and Vaginal Breech Birth
  • The dangers of VBAC bans and what you don’t know about placenta accreta
  • How to promote a joyful and positive birth experience as it relates to VBAC and cesarean.
  • Evidenced-based guidelines on what are medically and non-medically necessary interventions for medical inductions, failure to progress, and cesarean births
  • Effective ways to lower disrespect and abuse in childbirth
  • How to encourage closer partner involvement during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period in order to promote better birth outcomes and lower rates of PTSD and postpartum depression
  • How to work collaboratively with medical staff in a hospital setting to promote a safe, natural, and positive birth experience for your clients
  • Hormonal physiology of childbearing and its implications for women, babies and maternity care and how we as birth professionals can promote, support, and protect a normal physiologic childbirth.
  • How fathers make a world of difference – What can dads/partners contribute to the birth experience and what can childbirth professionals do for them.
  • And so much more…

To view my interview with Nicholas Olow on August 8, 2015:

 Click on the link below to claim your spot in The Better Birth 360 World Summit:

Please don’t delay because the interviews will be available at no cost to you until Aug 12, 2015. 

After Aug 12, 2015, the interviews will be available for rental or purchase.

Looking forward to seeing you at the summit…

With Love,

Cathy Daub