BreastfeedingWorks! Workshop-November 2024 (virtual)

*3 Day Workshop-November 11th, 6pm-9pm (workshop), November 13th, 8pm-9pm (breastfeeding support group observation) & November 18th, 6pm-9pm (workshop).  

BreastfeedingWorks! for Professionals is an in-depth holistic, evidence-based training on how to apply the best techniques for breastfeeding in the most empowering and effective ways. This workshop dives into our breastfeeding culture, anatomy, how to make milk, and practical support to help families get off to the best breastfeeding start possible! This is for all birth professionals who want to just be better at supporting successful breastfeeding.

BreastfeedingWorks! covers:

  • Community – you have the opportunity pre-workshop to research resources and opportunities in your local area – take time to gather a list of local resources and network with birthworkers and lactation professionals to start to create ways to potentially collaborate. This is a fun way to learn and start to assess and improve your own practice in new, inspiring ways, and to meet the best interests for the families you work with! (what you discover will be discussed during the workshop.)
  • Foundations – includes critical thinking about breastfeeding and what we can do to be part of the solution – in a system and culture that often undermines and sadly doesn’t support or empower parents to breastfeed successfully.
  • Practicalities – how to confidently and excellently provide real support to families you work with, as well as how to champion for people in the first five days after birth – the most critical period – ensuring optimal health and long-term feeding. You also learn how to teach mothers hand expression, the best ways to work with high-risk families, how birth practices affect breastfeeding, and more. Part of the training is a one-hour observation of birthing families and the Trainer working with them.
  • Personal Mentoring – with one-to-one guidance from your Trainer. Following the workshop, you get a one-to-one 15-minute phone mini-mentor session. After that, additional mentoring is available at a fee, for specific application of techniques, enhanced knowledge and context-specific skills, and how to improve your practice/program. (For those within 30 miles of west Cleveland, the opportunity to shadow or be shadowed is possible.)

The first 10 people to register before October 14, 2024 get the early discount. This is a 3-day workshop November 11, 13 & 18, 2024. . Times may be adjusted 1-2 hours based on the time zones students are in, and the updated times will be decided about four weeks before the workshop. Please plan accordingly.

*Schedule is in EST time (Eastern Standard Time – USA) – it’s easy to use to find your timezone schedule.

This is offered interactively, online via Zoom. Sign-in to now to set up a free account. Zoom works best from a laptop or desktop computer – with iPad or a phone you will not see all participants and may miss interactive elements (like videos) – so for your best experience use a computer please!

Workshop fees are non-refundable. If you have other questions before registering, please email us.

  • Date : 11 Nov 2024 - 18 Nov 2024
  • Time : 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm (America/New_York)
  • Reg. Deadline : 10 Nov 2024 12:00 pm
  • Venue : virtual

Purchase Ticket

BreastfeedingWorks-November 2024 (Reviewer’s Fee to take workshop again) (100000 seats remaining)
BreastfeedingWorks!-November 2024 (early discount) (100000 seats remaining)
BreastfeedingWorks!-November 2024 (100000 seats remaining)

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