Introducing The All New “ACED Program”

Accelerated Childbirth Educator & Birth Doula (ACED) Program

Would you like to help prepare pregnant women for childbirth AND also be a Birth Doula at their births?


Then our combo BirthWorks International Accelerated Childbirth Educator + Doula (ACED) training is for you! Save time and money by attending one four-day combo Immersion Workshop to become a BirthWorks International-certified Childbirth Educator AND Birth Doula. All other requirements are home self-study. Your doula clients will likely be sitting right in your childbirth classes!


Receive mentorship throughout your training!


  • Enroll in our ACED program: $1100US
  • Attend an ACED immersion workshop : Choose a workshop
    $600US early discount, $700US regular registration

Certification Process

  1. Enroll & pay ACED fee, which includes tuition for both certifications and immersion workshop.
  2. Complete Childbirth Educator requirements from home - essays, book reports, breastfeeding preparation, hospital/birth center visits, medical study critiques, topic paper and an exam.
  3. Complete Birth Doula requirements from home - reading and written exercises, easy-to-do by completing your BWI Doula workbook, attend two births (and get evaluations from mom and a birth team professional.)
  4. Attend a regional BirthWorks ACED Immersion Workshop [link to this on events website]
  5. Submit work to your personal Mentor for review, receive your two certifications & start your new career!

Please note: We encourage you to register here, after which the BirthWorks office will contact you regarding the training.

Labor Intensive Workshop

By completing this program…

  • You will teach interactive, fun Childbirth Education that gives emotional and academic preparation for birth, so women gain confidence and have less fear.
  • Your offerings will be grounded in beautiful BirthWorks Philosophies driven by Human Values, as well as a deep understanding of the latest birth research - Pelvic Bodywork (Optimal Pelvic Positioning), Primal Health, Grieving and Healing, and much more.
  • As a Doula, you will understand how hormonal behaviors in birth can best assist women. Your unique Primal Health perspective and heart-filled approach can provide support, that is empowering and transforming in nature.
  • It is exceptionally rewarding to support a family and see their baby be born! Now, you can do both!

People who experience BirthWorks say they:

  • Learn how Optimal Pelvic Positioning and Pelvic Bodywork help labor progress
  • Know how to decrease stimulation of the neocortex during labor
  • Understand the deep significance of the microbiome, birth physiology, and Primal Health
  • Enhance positive energy around a birthing woman
  • Gain awareness of nonpharmacological and other comfort measures for labor and birth
  • Trust in birth as an instinctive process
  • Understand physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of giving birth
  • Understand ways to practice Human Values in labor and in life
  • Realize the impact of mother-daughter relationships in birth

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