Janell’s Reflections

By Janell | May 28, 2019

Intimate, Connecting and Peaceful, these are the words that come to mind when I reflect back on the 2019 BirthWorks Conference in Mt. Dora, Florida.  The speakers were inspiring and loving as they shared their knowledge and extensive experience with conference attendees.  The location was nostalgic and charming, worth the visit as well. I personally […]

Ultrasounds – Risks, Benefits, and Ethical Considerations

By Dear-Healey, Ph.D., PPNE, CCE(BWI), Doula(BWI), TICP | May 1, 2019

Submitted by Sally Dear-Healey, PhD, PPNE, CCE(BWI), Doula(BWI) Years ago, X-ray was the diagnostic procedure of choice in pregnancy but today we understand more about the harmful effects of radiation so ultrasound is used as a safer alternative.  What we do know today is that every medical procedure has inherent risks known and unknown.  Therefore […]

Ten Tips to Change the Course of Your Birth

By Brittany McCollum CCE(BWI), CD(Dona) | April 24, 2019

By Brittany Sharpe McCollum, CCE(BWI), CD(DONA)   A positive laboring experience has the potential to increase satisfaction with the overall birth process, deepen parent and infant bonding in the first few weeks, and set the stage for a healthy transition into the postpartum experience (Simkin).  One’s outlook on their birth, however, has less to do […]

Optimal Pelvic Positioning

By Cathy Daub, PT CD, CCE (BWI) | March 29, 2019

By Cathy Daub, CD, CCE (BWI) Laboring in birth is hard work but today we are making it harder than it needs to be. The secret is to find ways to create optimum space for the baby to move into and through the pelvis.  BirthWorks philosophy believes that “Birth is Instinctive” and that includes the […]

Birth Testimonial

By BirthWorks International | March 27, 2019

by Erika Sanchez   Written January 4, 2019 My husband and I attended the Birth Works (birthing class) at Beach Cities this past October. It was taught by Janell Bartzatt. This was our 3rd baby. The first two were healthy, hospital births. We had taken a birthing class at the hospital 7 years ago with our first […]

Eliminating Food Addiction with Micronutrients

By Cathy Daub, PT CD, CCE (BWI) | March 26, 2019

By Cathy Daub PT, CCE and CD(BWI) The human body’s urge to eat is powerful!  We love eating socially, snacking, for comfort and when under stress. But when we get into a habit of eating for the wrong reasons, the toxic hunger we experience gives wrong signals to us as we haven’t met the needs […]

Newborn Vitamin K – Yes, They Do Need It

By Michelle Chenevert, CCE | March 26, 2019

By Michelle Chevernet, CCE (BWI) An Uptick in Refusal Not too long ago, somebody in a Facebook group I’m in posted a beautiful home birth picture (yay!), with a caption stating something along the lines of “Born at home, in water, lifted him out myself, no eye ointment, no vaccines, no Vitamin K!  Proud natural […]

You Learned to Breathe When You Were Born

By Cathy Daub, PT CD, CCE (BWI) | February 28, 2019

by Cathy Daub CCE, CD (BWI) Do you believe pregnant women need to be taught how to breathe when preparing for their labors?  Just as women are born with the knowledge about how to give birth, so they have also learned to breathe when they were born.  There are a number of concerns about trying […]

And My Tears Flow

By Loralee Pendergast, CCE | February 26, 2019

By Loralee Pendedrgast, CCE (BWI) Attending a birth as a doula can bring out many emotions, especially for a doula who has given birth herself.  This is true for me.  I have been to many births as a doula and there has not been a single birth that I didn’t shed some tears.  I shed […]

Food As Medicine Event

By Cathy Daub, PT CD, CCE (BWI) | January 29, 2019

  The Food As Medicine (FAM) event held in Cherry Hill, MJ was a tremendous success. Kayla Gorrell led us in simple yoga stretches between lectures.  Michelle Aurich, cheerleader for the Eagles, described how the Plantbased diet and decreased stress helped her cure her skin disease.  A fabulous vegan breakfast and lunch were served.  Be […]