Where is the pelvis? The Importance of an Upright Pelvis in Birth

We often ask, “Where is the baby?” in a pregnant woman, but even more important is the question “Where is the pelvis?”  A new vision is urgently needed in birth.  Anatomically, babies are supposed to be born “out the back.”  In the diagram here of a woman on a bike, note that even in an […]

WHO recommendations: non-clinical interventions to reduce unnecessary caesarean sections1

Just 40 years ago when I first gave birth, a cesarean was still considered an operation done only for specific life-threatening conditions as well as when having had a prior cesarean.   Today, it has become an accepted, if not almost routine, way of giving birth.  What has caused this significant and disturbing trend?  Concerns about […]

Reflections From A Mom With Multiples

Taking care of one baby is a lot of work.  New moms often say they were busy all day but don’t exactly remember what they did!  Just imagine taking care of newborn twins or triplets!  I am a BirthWorks Mentor and one of my students, Sienna Morrow, who is in the BirthWorks Postpartum Doula Program […]

Pushing in Labor??

By Horatio Daub MD, MPH  and Cathy Daub PT, CCE and CD(BWI) A recent study in the Journal of American Medical Association1, October 9, 2018, found that delaying pushing once full cervical dilatation is reached for 60 minutes vs. immediate pushing had no significant effect on the rate of spontaneous vaginal delivery (85.9 % in […]

Tips for Sleeping Through the Night During Pregnancy

  After announcing your pregnancy, one of the first pieces of advice veteran-parents will likely give you is to “get as much sleep as you can now because once the baby comes, you’ll be missing it”. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. According to an study published in Sleep Medicine, women experience “short sleep duration, poor […]

A Look at Pregnancy and Birth Trauma and Polyvagal Theory from the Perspective of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology

by Sally Dear-Healey, CCE(BWI), CD(BWI) Prenatal and perinatal psychology (PPP) provides a unique and critical awareness of the process of conception, pregnancy, and birth that is lacking from most childbirth education programs, doula trainings, and provider’s educations. One of the main benefits of pre- and perinatal psychology is that it recognizes the need to consider […]

The Sounds of Silence During Labor

Written by Sarah Baker CCE(BWI) I recently listened to an On Being podcast entitled “Silence and The Present of Everything.” The guest, Gordon Teppitt, was an audio ecologist, a career which I’d never heard of and found utterly fascinating. His gentle and calm voice spoke in a poetic way about his experiences and the insights […]

Birth Story – Hospital VBAC

by Krista Haggerty My first birth was a cesarean after a long labor.  It was hugely disappointing, and I struggled with feelings of failure.  When I became pregnant again, I knew I wanted to have a vaginal birth with no interventions.  I switched providers two times and met the OB who delivered my son at […]

The Nocebo Effect

By Cathy Daub, PT, CCE and CD(BWI) I remember once talking with a pregnant woman in the hospital who had just been tested for gestational diabetes. She looked up at me confused saying, “I eat healthfully and there is no history of diabetes in my family.” She had a look of despair in her eyes and I […]

The Truth About Lips

          elliptical When you see these diagrams of an opening cervix, you can see how a posterior lip would be unlikely        because in actuality, the cervix opens in an elliptical fashion and not concentrically.  The baby’s head dilates the cervix more with each contraction pulling the anterior part of the cervix […]