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BWIA_photoYour Childbirth Educator is Karen Lai, certified with BirthWorks International® as well as NACE Australia. Karen facilitates workshops within Cert IV Workplace Training standards. Karen is an AHPRA Registered Nurse-Midwife in clinical practice as well as in Midwifery Education and is currently based in Hobart. Karen has post graduate qualifications through UTAS, is an accredited Neuro-Linguistic Programming trainer with INLPTA and has an Advanced Diploma in Solutions Oriented Coaching & Counseling with the Milton Erickson Institute Vic. Karen received tutoring from world renowned professionals in the art of healing by sacred sounds, inducing light trance and in using acupressure in birth. Although experienced in corporate training, Karen is most of all proud to be a midwife and a mother and proud to bring her influence to birth and parenting.

Expect to acquire true, holistic, interactive and enduring experiential learning about birthing and parenting.

BirthWorks International Australia® practises under the auspices of BirthWorks International® (BWI) with Cathy Daub as founder and Director. We have BWI® programs across USA, New Zealand and UK. Please access to view our philosophies and activities, which include programs for the registered midwife and doula. From our website you would read that because birth is ancient, the knowledge about how to give birth already exists inside every woman. BWI® does not impart a preconceived method of labour and birth. There is no one right way to give birth; each birth is unique. A woman will labour best wherever she feels safest and most secure.

BirthWorks’ innovative approach involves helping you and your partner to have confidence and faith in your ability to give birth BECAUSE BIRTH IS INSTINCTIVE.

BWI Australia® classes are suitable for couples having their first baby or subsequent pregnancy. The first class commences at about 10 weeks’ gestation then, 5 more classes - a total of 16 hours.

Good nutrition in birth: We will share a wholefood meal during each class and learn about eating well.

Class 1

  • The philosophies of BirthWorks International® and evidence-based information in support of your body’s ability to birth safely.
  • BWI Australia methods of relaxation for birth.
  • Common sense nutrition in birth.
  • Identifying and managing beliefs and fears about birth.
  • The physiology of birth and the oxytocin factor.

Class 2

  • Principles of Pelvic Bodywork and optimal fetal positioning.
  • Human values and their impact on the mother and baby at birth.
  • The value of the support person at birth.
  • Multi-sensory representations: how you can use vocalization, breath, visualization, light touch, and understanding of human values to help you find your birth-safe and positive place.

Class 3

  • Birth Physiology and working with labour contractions.
  • The concept of pain.
  • Comfort measures for birth.
  • Practising Pelvic Bodywork (unique to BWI)
  • Cardinal movements of a baby during birth - The Baby Way
  • Watch Birth Film.
  • Identifying personal beliefs about your birth.

Class 4

  • Technology in birth and what you can do to humanize technology.
  • Obstetric procedures and birth interventions.
  • Previous caesarean section birth.
  • Previous birth-related unresolved matters.
  • Grieving and healthy healing.
  • The role of your support partner and the gorilla factor.
  • An exercise in stilling the mind with pure sound healing using the wisdom of your body: Calm Strength and Cool Comfort. Take CD home for your daily practice.

Class 5

  • Increasing vital lung capacity in the last weeks of pregnancy.
  • Practical midwifery teachings: care of self and care of your baby in the first few weeks.
  • Primal Health and Emotional Intelligence: why these are important discussions and how to enhance your baby’s sensory representations for brain growth.
  • Pelvic Bodywork and optimal fetal positioning to increase your confidence in your ability to give birth.
  • Acupressure in birth.
  • Feeding your baby.
  • What prolonged parent-baby skin-on-skin does to the new family.
  • Fathering through baby massage.

Class 6

We meet within one month after your birth. Bring your baby to the class. Topic: On being a mother and a father.

Fee Structure

AUD400 (Australian Dollars) includes:

6 classes
Meals and refreshments
BWI Childbirth Workbook
CD “Calm Strength and Cool Comfort”


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