Birth Professional Cross-Certification Program

Cross Certification with BirthWorks International

Want an accelerated path to be a BirthWorks certified doula or

childbirth educator?


Are you trained as a birth doula, postpartum doula, or childbirth educator with another organization, and feel something is missing? (Maybe you "tiptoe" at a hospital birth, or the parents you serve need more than info on stages of labor and interventions/risks/benefits?)  If you want subtle, significant ways to enhance birth and mother/baby health...

You can cross-certify with BirthWorks now!


Gain new expertise and confidence to attract new clients.

See how The BirthWorks Experience inspires you!

Our holistic experiential training, includes both

the science of birth, such as optimal pelvic positioning and primal health

AND a unique focus that honors birth through
self-reflection and emotional preparation

(grieving & healing, beliefs & affirmation and more).

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Apply to see how your past childbirth educator, birth doula, or postpartum doula training
fulfills varied BirthWorks Doula certification requirements!*

Connect with your personal Mentor for a personalized completion plan
Submit additional work as needed
Cross-Certify with BirthWorks!

Contact us today at!


Read the BirthWorks requirements
Chose your Cross-Certification Path
Identify which of your past childbirth educator of doula work is applicable
Connect with your Mentor for a personalized Completion Plan

REGULAR FEE: $100US application review fee + $950US certification program
(includes workshop valued at $500US)



$800 to cross certify - $200 per month

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Childbirth Educator Cross-Certification  ~CCE(BWI)


Proof of childbirth educator qualification*

Submit work to fulfill equivalent program requirements*: self-reflection work (autobiography, birth experiences and birth events), breastfeeding preparation, hospital/birth center visits, homebirth midwife interview

Agreement to BirthWorks Statement of Beliefs, Ideals, Standards and Scope of Practice

Written Requirements* - 10 book reviews, 3 medical study critiques, 3 topic papers

BirthWorks Childbirth Educator Workshop - virtual or in-person training 

Final Exam - based on our comprehensive BirthWorks Childbirth Educator Manual

Teach a BirthWorks Childbirth Educations series

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Birth Doula Cross-Certification ~CBD(BWI)


Proof of professional qualifications* - birth doula certificate, experience as a midwife or practical or registered nurse (with three years minimum labor and delivery experience), and/or childbirth educator certificate of attendance [or alternatively attend a childbirth education series]*

BirthWorks Birth Doula Workshop - virtual or in-person training 

Written Requirements - 7 book reviews*, your personal Doula Journal Workbook, read Doulas of Love manual, and essay on Purpose and Value of a Doula*

Attend Two Births (that are not planned cesareans)

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Postpartum Doula Cross-Certification ~ CPD(BWI)


Provide Postpartum Doula Certificate* & CPR Certification*

 Ideals, Professional Standards, BWI Philosophy 

Written Requirements - 2 book reviews*

Practice Interview to ensure understanding of BirthWorks standards of practice

Provide two Recommendation Letters* from birth professionals or Postpartum Care Evaluations from families

you worked with in the past three months

□ Optional additional training: BirthWorks Postpartum Doula Workshop - virtual or in-person ($475-525US)

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When you cross-certify with BirthWorks you become part of a heart-centered,
highly-trained, confident group of birth professionals.

Together, we make a significant difference and improve the state of birth around the world.


We welcome you! 


For Questions or to Apply please email

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Start Today! Contact us at

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