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Be a Birth Doula

The Birth Doula Training

Would you like to help women and their families have more positive birth experiences? As a doula, it is your continuous presence with a woman in labor that helps her to feel safe and allows labor to progress. This means shorter labors and fewer interventions. Become a birth doula now and receive our high quality, premium, comprehensive training that includes a unique, experiential approach that with the practice of human values, integrates the mind, body, and spirit in birth.

Receive Mentorship Throughout Your Training!


  • Doula Program Fee: $USD 360 in US
  • International Doula Program Fee: $USD 500
  • Doula Workshop Fee: $USD 525 in US, $USD 600 International

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Our Certification is a 4-Step Process

  1. Complete the enrollment form and pay applicable fees.
  2. Complete your BirthWorks Doula Journal Workbook.
  3. Attend a three-day BirthWorks Doula Workshop and complete reading and written exercises.
  4. Attend two births and obtain evaluations from the mother and a professional member of the birth team for each birth.

Highlights of Our Training

  • Receive Mentorship throughout your training.
  • Understand how to work with the energy surrounding labor and birth.
  • Recognizes that integration of the mind, body, and spirit generates a more positive birth experience.
  • See yourself as a companion to the birthing woman, providing information to help her develop a birth plan prior to birth and staying with her throughout her entire labor so she can feel safe to let go and give birth.
  • Become experienced in the practice and application of Pelvic Bodywork and the Four Principles of Optimal Pelvic Positioning using gravity and movement labor for more positive birth experiences.
  • Realize how emotions and nutrition of a pregnant woman have a great impact on the health of her baby from his life as a fetus through adulthood.
  • Understand that breast milk provides optimum nutrition for the newborn baby, and therefore encourages breastfeeding whenever possible.
  • Respects the privacy of a laboring woman and her family.
  • Become trained to recognize the progress of labor by observing body physiology, facial expressions and speech.

People Who Experience BirthWorks Say They:

  • Learn how Optimal Pelvic Positioning and Pelvic Bodywork help labor progress
  • Know how to decrease stimulation of the neocortex during labor
  • Understand the deep significance of the microbiome, birth physiology, and Primal Health
  • Enhance positive energy around a birthing woman
  • Gain awareness of nonpharmacological and other comfort measures for labor and birth
  • Trust in birth as an instinctive process
  • Understand physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of giving birth
  • Understand ways to practice Human Values in labor and in life
  • Realize the impact of mother-daughter relationships in birth

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